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Partnership and collaboration are the key to tackling serious and organised IP Crime!

On Friday 18th November 2022 this approach resulted in the seizure of over 3000 counterfeit carpets and rugs worth in the region of £200k from a warehouse in Charles House, Southall

Working with Tariq Mohammed – MCTSI of Ealing TS, WRI and our partners Lighthouse Security Limited carried out an inspection of the 2 storey warehouse and adjoining containers, in 6 hours seized and processed the infringing products.

This fantastic result shows what can be achieved when working in true collaboration with Trading Standards and a proactive, dedicated team from industry.

WRi Group and Lighthouse Security Limited, working in partnership can provide the resource and logistics needed to facilitate these types of actions in support of the authorities and client brands

Huge thanks to Tariq and Ealing Council (London Borough of Ealing) TS for taking this action. Enquiries are proceeding’’

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