What services can we provide?

Brand Protection

Brand protection is the act of preventing illegal production and trading of a product using a brands intellectual property. This helps brands to prevent loss in revenue, maintain a high brand reputation and address potential consumer safety.

With a wide range of specialists within this area WRi offer a bespoke brand protection service to a range of sectors.

Review of IP Portfolio

Liaison with Public Sector Agencies

Product Identification

Provision of Witness Statements


Investigations utilise the proactive intelligence and evidence gathered through test purchases and site visits to compile a full evidential pack to be used for criminal prosecution or civil litigation. These investigations provide brands the opportunity to take enforcement action and reduce the production and availability of counterfeit goods.

This is one of the key services at WRi due to the broad knowledge and experience of the team within a range of investigation disciplines.

Development of Intelligence

Test Purchase Activity

Case and Financial Investigation

Liaison with Enforcement Bodies

Attendance at Raid Actions

Provision of Witness Statements

Online Monitoring

Preparation of Case Material

Intelligence Management

Intelligence is the collection and processing of raw information. Using a broad array of sources and data collection tools WRi will develop key intelligence products (NIM / IOM) which will enable clients to make decisions about priorities and tactical options to mitigate risk.

WRi have provided this service to Law Enforcement and Industry sector agencies to great effect.

Information Collection

Intelligence Products

Intelligence Reports





Continuous Professional development of staff is paramount in an ever changing public and private sector enforcement landscape.

With a rich experience in practical enforcement and training, WRi have developed a range of subject matter training modules which can be delivered in a classroom environment or via a distance learning package

Custody Procedures

Crime Scene Investigation

Case Management

Consumer Rights Act

Police and Criminal Evidence Act

Rules of Evidence

RIPA and Disclosure (CPIA)

Investigative Interviewing

Private Criminal Prosecution

Whilst it is expected that prosecuting authorities will deal with the majority of criminal matters in the UK, the reduction in some agencies in particular Trading Standards has led to an increase in the use of Private Criminal Prosecutions.

WRi, working in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, established legal firms and Barristers Chambers will develop an investigation in line with regulatory requirements and where appropriate will undertake a Private Criminal prosecution with a view to securing a conviction against an individual or crime group impacting on our clients

Identify Offending

Investigate Offender/Crime Groups

Collect Evidence

Liaise with Law Enforcement

Support Raid Action

Prepare detailed prosecution file

Initiate Court proceedings

Provide Witness Testimony

WRi Academy

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