Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act


One of the most common reasons for a criminal case to be lost is a failure of the process relating to disclosure of unused material. If this happens the guilty go free and there can often be considerable reputational damage to the organisation who brought the prosecution.

The prosecution team’s duties under the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act (CPIA) 1996 are not simply about compiling schedules of unused material as part of preparation for court.

At the centre of every investigation is the obligation, under the Criminal Procedures and Investigations Act for investigators to pursue all reasonable lines of enquiry whether these point towards or away from the suspect.
The duty to record, retain and reveal all relevant material cannot be understated and every investigation must make disclosure and the requirements of the Act a priority from the outset.


At the end of the module participants will be able to:

  • Describe the process of recording evidence and material
  • Describe the process of retaining evidence and material
  • Identify what is relevant material
  • Identify Unused Material
  • Identify Sensitive Material
  • Outline the duty to disclose
  • Complete disclosure documents
  • Describe Public Interest Immunity
  • Understand the implications of disclosure in criminal proceedings

Key Learning

Delegates will be able to understand the need to follow all reasonable lines of investigation including those that support the defence case or undermine the prosecution case. In addition they will understand the need to identify unused material which will include sensitive documents and how to compile schedules for the prosecutor.

Delegates will also identify the importance of disclosure and the duty of investigators to ensure that full disclosure is made in every case.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at those conducting investigations whether for a public body, a private corporation or as a sole investigator. It is essential for all those involved in investigation to understand how disclosure works and what the requirements of the Act are.

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WRI are an established company who specialise in Brand Protection, Investigation and Training and we have worked with the Police, Trading Standards and a number of well known brands to both protect the rights of the Intellectual Property Owner and to bring to justice those who break the law.

Our trainers are very experienced Retired Police Officers and Trading Standards Officers who have been trained to a senior level within their respective roles.

The course can be delivered at your place of work or at the offices of WRI in South Wales.
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