Proceeds of Crime


The Proceeds of Crime Act is an effective and powerful piece of legislation which has been designed to take the profit out of crime by targeting money laundering and by removing assets from those convicted of criminal offences. The benefits are that criminals are deprived of their criminal gains and that communities benefit from the redistribution of those assets.


At the end of the module participants will be able to:

  • Understand the POCA process
  • Describe what is meant by asset recovery
  • Describe what constitutes Criminal Lifestyle
  • State what constitutes Criminal Activity
  • Outline the process for Confiscation Investigations and applications
  • Understand the process and requirements of Restraint
  • Describe Money laundering offences

Key Learning

The key learning from this module will assist those investigators who are involved in cases where asset recovery has been identified. The main learning will cover the following areas:

  • Identifying cases which are suitable
  • Being able to identify Criminal Conduct and Criminal Lifestyle
  • Understanding the need to consider POCA as soon as possible
  • Understanding the need for asset restraint and how to apply to the courts
  • Undertaking a confiscation investigation
  • Preparing case papers
  • Understanding the importance of Financial Investigation

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at those conducting investigations whether for a public body, a private corporation or as a sole investigator. It is essential for all those involved in Proceeds of Crime investigations to understand how such an investigation is structured and managed.

Who are we?

WRI are an established company who specialise in Brand Protection, Investigation and Training and we have worked with the Police, Trading Standards and a number of well known brands to both protect the rights of the Intellectual Property Owner and to bring to justice those who break the law.

Our trainers are very experienced Retired Police Officers and Trading Standards Officers who have been trained to a senior level within their respective roles.

The course can be delivered at your place of work or at the offices of WRI in South Wales.
For further information please contact us on the email address below or 02921 202597

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