Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act


The use of covert activity by public bodies is under increased scrutiny to ensure that the powers they use are both proportionate and necessary. The private lives of individuals are protected under the Human Rights Act and every use of covert powers must be carefully considered and balanced against the offence under investigation and the rights of the individual.

This training module will cover how to approach a covert investigation, the considerations to be taken into account and the recording of decisions and rationale to support any such covert application.

The course will also look at the different types of covert investigation and how these can be used as part of a planned investigation and how to manage the sensitive issue of disclosure under the Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act.


At the end of the module participants will be able to:

  • Outline the principles of RIPA
  • Describe the authorities that are required
  • Outline the Necessity Test
  • Describe how the Human Rights Act impacts on covert investigations
  • Describe the role of a CHIS and the safeguards that need to be considered
  • Outline types of collateral intrusion
  • Describe different types of surveillance
  • Outline how the use of ANPR falls under RIPA
  • Describe open source investigation
  • Outline the types of communications data that can be accessed under the Act
  • Describe the application process for authorisations
  • Outline the time limits that apply to such authorisations

Key Learning

The key learning from this module will assist the investigator to consider their proposed actions and how they impact on the private lives of others. They will understand the principles of proportionality and necessity and how to minimise collateral intrusion.

In addition it will assist the investigator to plan and prepare sensitive schedules in preparation for disclosure and how to deal with the use of covert tactics at court.

Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at those conducting investigations whether for a public body, a private corporation or as a sole investigator. It is essential for all those involved in covert investigation to understand the impact of how covert actions can interfere with the private lives of individuals. The course will also identify the importance of proportionality and necessity and how to minimise collateral intrusion.

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Our trainers are very experienced Retired Police Officers and Trading Standards Officers who have been trained to a senior level within their respective roles.

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