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Prolific counterfeiter convicted of Trademark offences and banned from being a company Director for 3 years!

Nasar AKBARE, was the Director of several limited companies used as a front for the large-scale retail supply of counterfeit goods on Camden High Street.

He had been subject to numerous enforcement visits and counterfeit product seizures over many years but has never faced prosecution.

Following a 3-month investigation by WRI Group which consisted of covert test purchases, 2 raid actions alongside Camden TS and Lighthouse Security, and submission of a detailed case file, AKBARE was made the subject of a private criminal prosecution.

The prosecution was brought by WRI and Lighthouse Security on behalf of a client brand, working in partnership to protect rights owners and consumers from criminal’s hell bent on robbing the state, legitimate businesses, and consumers.

On 19th July 2023 AKBARE pleaded guilty at Westminster Magistrates Court to offences under the Trademarks Act, 1994, and on Thursday 30th November 2023 was sentenced at Wood Green Crown Court to a 12-month community service order, 150 hours unpaid work and disqualification from being a company Director for 3 years.

Katie Kipps, Partner at Murray Hughman Solicitors, Cameron Crowe, Barrister at Gough Square Chambers and Robert Dacre, Barrister at 2 Hare Court Chambers acted on behalf of WRi to secure this conviction.

AKBARE was selling numerous branded goods from his high street shop with a retail value of well over £1 million. However, whilst the Judge agreed that the serious offending met the custody threshold, he took on board the mitigation provided by the defendant leading to the lesser sentence.

A forfeiture order for destruction of the seized goods was made by the court and Lighthouse Security will process the items in a sustainable fashion.

Graham Mogg, Founder and CEO at WRI welcomed the sentencing saying, ‘’We are focussed on protecting our client brands and employ a range of remedies to good effect. Private criminal prosecutions are a cost-effective tool to deal with prolific offenders and working in partnership with Lighthouse Security, we will continue to bring such actions on behalf of our clients’’.

‘’We are extremely grateful to Camden Trading Standards for supporting this prosecution and our legal team for their dedication and professionalism. A true example of partnership working to tackle organised IP crime in the area.’’

Tim Jensen, Founder and CEO at Lighthouse Security said, ‘’This successful private prosecution could not happen without collaboration with law enforcement. We have set the benchmark and will continue to develop these partnerships to protect our client’s interests’’.

‘’This prosecution sends a clear message that counterfeiting is a real crime, and working with the authorities we will ensure that those selling counterfeit goods are impacted financially, through the use of POCA. We believe the partnership between WRI Group, Lighthouse Security, Trading Standards, and our experienced legal team are a formidable force to be reckoned with in the on-going fight against the sale of counterfeit goods.